Oil and gas: Disc Stack for choke valves

The oil and gas industry is a key sector for us and now the revenues generated are growing quickly.

For this reason, our laboratory and our technical department reserve an important part of their resources to developing innovative products and solutions for this market.

Recently, our engineers have developed and implemented a new production process, which allowed us to expand the range of our products. The project allows us to produce hard metal disk stack without using brazing materials.

The disk stacks are used in the flow control valves and choke valves. They are used to adjust the speed of the fluid, their special geometry allows to obtain a low noise level of the valve and to control the vibration caused by the pressure.

The disk stacks are realized by us in integral hard metal, this solution allows us to reduce to minimum the wear of the elements even in the presence of strong impurities in the treated fluids.

The research project was stimulated by a request made by a leading oil and gas industry.

The objective of the customer required the development of a production cycle that would guarantee the obtaining of working prototypes and a process in which the optimization of each phase would allow full control of the quality of the products obtained. Our laboratory and our technical department is always available to all companies interested in the development of new products to be applied in other sectors and in other processes.


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